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Customers Are Talking

"We had been looking for a small trailer for our 4 cylinder car for over a year when we found these 4x5 galvanized ones that Alan has for sale. It was just what we were looking for, it is like have a detachable trunk!
Dave & Diane Pearson

"Rather than trade in our car for an SUV or a truck, the Stirling 4x5 trailer we got from was all we needed to transport our "stuff" to and from our cottage!
Mike & May Doucette

"Your personal snowplow really works great for my application! Another friend of mine spent close to $6,000 for a nice commercial plow installed on his F-250 4x4. He had to have different springs put on the front end and a bunch of other stuff installed. He finds it to be too much trouble for just his property and his Dad's. He uses his backhoe instead! It's all about matching the tool for the job."

"This is now my third year using your plow and am still amazed at how well it works. We just had another good Toronto snow this weekend. I ended up doing a few neighbors drives because I felt guilty sitting in the warm truck watching them fight with their snow blowers!"
R. Goldberg

"Last winter was my first winter using the SnowBear plow and I was very impressed in its performance and how it held up after moving tons of snow. It is also nice to have a plow that will not beat up the front-end components of your vehicle. It performed very well and is so simple, no extras to break. Thank you for producing a product that is quality."

"I am writing to tell you how impressed I am with your snowplow. Thanks for making such a great product and I will be sure to tell people which plow to buy.”
D. Comley

“I love this plow! It’s really a nice personal workhorse.”
G. Knorr

“Just a note. I bought your plow and should have done it years ago. This is a good well-built unit. I’m impressed so far.”
M. Laforge

"Last year I bought your plow. Installation was very easy and directions simple to follow. The way we mounted the plow to the truck was very simple and also easy to install. I looked at the frame and wondered, how are we going to do this? But I knew it would be simple. It took me 15 minutes to hook up all the brackets. Not only is the plow easy to install and put together but I love how simple you make everything. I have had 2 other people buy your snowplows and highly recommend your plow to other homeowners."
V. Bolton